So you want to be a Design Student?

Have you ever wondered why they call the Architecture program “Architorture”? Well, let me show you what I had to whip up in the last few days for our studio final for Landscape Architecture.   Oh you know, just a simple 40×40 acre Master Plan Community.A section of 360 acres to showcase the context surroundingContinue reading “So you want to be a Design Student?”

Thankful for Freebies!

This holiday season, we’ve decided it’s time for some freebies to celebrate the Grand Opening of **Drumroll** Our Etsy shop! A few listings have made their way up, most of which have been shown in previous posts – take a look here ! With the Holiday break quickly approaching, we’d love to extend a hand and helpContinue reading “Thankful for Freebies!”

Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat

This event took about a month to plan, and roughly two to coordinate all of the fine details for decor. Being an avid craftaholic came in handy in order to execute an event – perfect for the photo opportunities! From embossing chalkboard signs for the photo booth, to learning a new skill in acrylic signContinue reading “Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat”

It’s a Fiesta!

If you’ve never visited the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico – you should add it to your travel list! Eric and I flew into Albuquerque at about Midnight this Friday and went straight to bed – with a wake up call 4 hours later! This trip came at just the right time with schoolContinue reading “It’s a Fiesta!”

Happy Campers

Hey guys!!! * please bear with me as this is a pretty lengthy post, but I promise there are also lots of super cool pictures for you to check out 😉 * It was Saturday July 30th, when Aaron and I headed for Durango, Colorado with Aaron’s dad and his friend. We were determined to goContinue reading “Happy Campers”

Quick Trip to Arizona’s Beach! 

Good morning and happy Sunday loves! I hope everyone’s week has ended on a positive note and you have all gotten the relaxation you deserve 😉 This weekend I was able to snag a few hours of great beach relaxation in Rocky Point! After two years of convincing, Eric and I finally convicted his parentsContinue reading “Quick Trip to Arizona’s Beach! “

The Adventure of Solo-Travel: Greece

Crystal’s experience with solo-travel in Santorini, Greece. From late night flights, to finding which bus takes her to the right village. Experiencing a new world on her own and learning about herself through the experience.