From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate

Good morning from Zurich, Switzerland! The land of amazing milk chocolate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air all around! The past week I have been taking part in a second study abroad program which also focuses on cities and landscapes, only this time we are visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Below are a few photosContinue reading “From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate”

Puerto Peñasco 2.0

Hey Guys! Last weekend was most definitely one for the books! Aaron and I, along with a couple of our friends, made a trip to Puerto Penasco.  I have been to Rocky Point A LOT in my lifetime and every time it is fun but this one was different because, aside from the usual hangingContinue reading “Puerto Peñasco 2.0”

15 Things to do on Summer Vacation

Hey Guys! It’s now summer break and everyone is looking for something fun to do. Some of us may be working or interning all summer but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to enjoy our summer break! If you aren’t lucky enough to be spending your whole summer vacation [ACTUALLY] vacationing but you still wantContinue reading “15 Things to do on Summer Vacation”