The Adventure of Solo-Travel: Greece

Crystal’s experience with solo-travel in Santorini, Greece. From late night flights, to finding which bus takes her to the right village. Experiencing a new world on her own and learning about herself through the experience.

From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate

Good morning from Zurich, Switzerland! The land of amazing milk chocolate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air all around! The past week I have been taking part in a second study abroad program which also focuses on cities and landscapes, only this time we are visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Below are a few photosContinue reading “From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate”

And so the journey began..

On an amazing roller coaster ride through  life! My travels have been nothing short of an adventure and I am truly enjoying every second of my time abroad. I am not one who normally speaks on behalf of what I love but this trip has already opened my eyes to so much and I amContinue reading “And so the journey began..”

What are your Summer plans?

What should one expect prior to an international departure [aside from stress]? The long line at security is surely freaking me out already and making me want to arrive several hours early to my flight. Amazingly enough, I got the opportunity to study abroad this Summer! As a landscape architecture student it is important toContinue reading “What are your Summer plans?”