How to Escape Your Responsibilities: Mexico Edition 

Have you ever just needed a break? Either physical or mental – maybe both? Well that’s exactly what my friends and I needed, so what else is there to do to escape your real world adult responsibilities? Mexico. Mexico is how you properly escape, trust us on this one. Now this isn’t  the first timeContinue reading “How to Escape Your Responsibilities: Mexico Edition “

Quick Trip to Arizona’s Beach! 

Good morning and happy Sunday loves! I hope everyone’s week has ended on a positive note and you have all gotten the relaxation you deserve 😉 This weekend I was able to snag a few hours of great beach relaxation in Rocky Point! After two years of convincing, Eric and I finally convicted his parentsContinue reading “Quick Trip to Arizona’s Beach! “

Puerto Peñasco 2.0

Hey Guys! Last weekend was most definitely one for the books! Aaron and I, along with a couple of our friends, made a trip to Puerto Penasco.  I have been to Rocky Point A LOT in my lifetime and every time it is fun but this one was different because, aside from the usual hangingContinue reading “Puerto Peñasco 2.0”

Puerto Peñasco

Hey there, For those of you who don’t already know, I spent last weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico, and I had an absolute blast! It was a great way to escape the end of semester stress. Anyway, this seemingly spontaneous trip to Rocky Point, wasn’t actually spontaneous at all.. It was a family trip thatContinue reading “Puerto Peñasco”