How To Plan A European Adventure – On A College Budget

For my final Spring Break (ever) I planned an European Adventure for myself and two of my best gal pals, Alex and Lauren. This was Alex’s first time abroad so I wanted to make sure we hit the hot spots to get the best experience out of our short week of travel. In typical Crystal fashion, I began the planning process about 10 months in advance and was able to score some amazing flights!

From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate

Good morning from Zurich, Switzerland! The land of amazing milk chocolate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air all around! The past week I have been taking part in a second study abroad program which also focuses on cities and landscapes, only this time we are visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Below are a few photosContinue reading “From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate”

So what do you pack?

First, take a deep breath. Your suitcase will get packed, you will get the chance to squeeze every last necessity in there, and you will NOT [fingers crossed] forget your favorite top! Prior to packing, I found this handy travel list to go off of – granted I am only traveling with a carry onContinue reading “So what do you pack?”