Welcome to Embroidery – Here’s what you need to know!

From hoops to thread to the steps in between the hoops! Read through the following post and be sure to comment any questions you may still have so that I can answer them in a follow up post! You can find video tutorials for simple stitches on my Instagram story highlights. I’ll be updating theContinue reading “Welcome to Embroidery – Here’s what you need to know!”

Won’t you be Mine? Happy Galentines Day

A day of love and laughter has filled our calendar once again, only this time we are taking on the challenge to love ourselves too! I’m a firm believer in what we invest in others should be doubled and invested in ourselves – so why not treat yourself with some ‘me’ time? Be my galentineContinue reading “Won’t you be Mine? Happy Galentines Day”

Pops of Color in Cacti

Have you been searching for a fun way to add color to your walls or to just have a fun DIY girls night? Then this is the perfect craft for you! This craft sort of sprouted accidentally as I noticed I had several blank canvas piling up on my desk [craft supply hoarders, I know].Continue reading “Pops of Color in Cacti”

Thankful for Freebies!

This holiday season, we’ve decided it’s time for some freebies to celebrate the Grand Opening of **Drumroll** Our Etsy shop! A few listings have made their way up, most of which have been shown in previous posts – take a look here ! With the Holiday break quickly approaching, we’d love to extend a hand and helpContinue reading “Thankful for Freebies!”

Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat

This event took about a month to plan, and roughly two to coordinate all of the fine details for decor. Being an avid craftaholic came in handy in order to execute an event – perfect for the photo opportunities! From embossing chalkboard signs for the photo booth, to learning a new skill in acrylic signContinue reading “Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat”

My Strange Addiction: Embroidery

Good morning Loves! So it’s no surprise that my newest hobby has become an addiction – but the outcome is SO cool that I can’t stop! So here’s the newest addition to my Sonoran Desert collection: Similar to my Waves embroidery piece, this work has more detail but allowed me to test out new textureContinue reading “My Strange Addiction: Embroidery”

Gel Polish Review

Hey there Loves, Over here at Sunday Mornings we enjoy our nails to look fab but we also enjoy saving money, SO we gave Sally Hansen Miracle Gel a shot. First, pricing: the polish cost roughly $7.50 per bottle  which is a steal compared to going to a nail salon for a gel manicure! TheContinue reading “Gel Polish Review”

DIY Embroidery Waves

Goooooood Morning Loves! So I have recently fallen in love with embroidery art, more specifically – Sarah K Benning’s embroidery art. Look at her profile before reading any further, I’ll let you fall in love just as I did – I’ll give ya a few minutes 😉 Welcome back! Isn’t her work amazing? Well, consideringContinue reading “DIY Embroidery Waves”