Wedding Planning with Pinterest Goals in Mind

Do you browse Pinterest in your spare time [or even your not so spare time] and plan out your dream wedding? Do you have a “secret” board stashed away with all of those ideas you LOVE but aren’t quite sure how to bring to life without planning out how many times you have to sell your clothes to Plato’s closet before you can make one piece come to life? Welcome to the club! We serve mimosas all day and craft all night [okay not really but that is definitely a club I would enjoy).

Upcoming Workshops and Markets

2018 has been off to an amazing start – I set my intentions to focus more time and effort into the shop side of Sunday Mornings and MUCH more time into transitioning this blog into a DIY + Tutorial blog (more on that coming soon). Alongside this whirlwind of a new year, I have been much more involved in the communities around me and will be hosting several workshops + selling at various markets in the next few weeks [eek, very exciting!].

See below for the dates and location of the planned events through April [as of now]:

Epic Birthday: Exploring Havana, Cuba!

It’s a beautiful day for travel inspiration, and I’m here to get you hooked on Cuba! If you have an interest in history, architecture, or culture – this is a great place to visit; if you have an interest in gorgeous views, exploring, and bright and colorful building – this is a great place forContinue reading “Epic Birthday: Exploring Havana, Cuba!”

Touring the Mexican Riviera

Booked your trip to Cancun? Not sure what tours or packages to purchase? Follow this Travel Thursday series to learn about some of the ‘good’, the bad, and the ‘definitely doing this again’ experiences we had on our last trip to the Mexican Riviera!

Thankful for Freebies!

This holiday season, we’ve decided it’s time for some freebies to celebrate the Grand Opening of **Drumroll** Our Etsy shop! A few listings have made their way up, most of which have been shown in previous posts – take a look here ! With the Holiday break quickly approaching, we’d love to extend a hand and helpContinue reading “Thankful for Freebies!”

Happy Campers

Hey guys!!! * please bear with me as this is a pretty lengthy post, but I promise there are also lots of super cool pictures for you to check out 😉 * It was Saturday July 30th, when Aaron and I headed for Durango, Colorado with Aaron’s dad and his friend. We were determined to goContinue reading “Happy Campers”

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Good Morning Loves, With the 4th of July, comes lots of fun festivities; so, what better way to kick off the holiday than sharing our plans with you?! Delaney: I will be spending a majority of my day in Prescott, AZ. The 4th of July is also Aaron’s grandma’s birthday so we decided to ditchContinue reading “Happy (almost) 4th of July!”

Experiencing Wine Country as a Minor

Hey there! Last weekend, my parents took Aaron on a [VERY] belated trip to Southern Arizona’s Wine Country for his 21st birthday, but being their D.D. wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds; we all had a really good time! It all began Friday night when we got lost trying to locate the B&B weContinue reading “Experiencing Wine Country as a Minor”

From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate

Good morning from Zurich, Switzerland! The land of amazing milk chocolate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air all around! The past week I have been taking part in a second study abroad program which also focuses on cities and landscapes, only this time we are visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Below are a few photosContinue reading “From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate”

The Misadventures of Our Backpacking Trip

Last weekend Aaron and I went on a much needed getaway! We decided to take a weekend trip up to the Payson, Arizona area for a backpacking trip. It was absolutely beautiful up there!  It started off as a bit overwhelming when we realized we would be taking my dog with us. We knew atContinue reading “The Misadventures of Our Backpacking Trip”