Embroidery Tutorials

Sit back, relax, and stitch up a good time!

Are you looking for an excuse to bing watch your Netflix series but need to feel productive at the same time? I have the perfect hobby for you! Embroidery – make something sweet AND get your Netflix binge on.

The Beginner’s Guide

Ready to get started on your first project but don’t quite know what you need to start? Here’s a quick breakdown of the basics!

Watercolor Cactus – Coming Soon

Try your hand at combining two of my favorite mediums – thread and watercolor!

Little Adobe – Coming Soon

Follow along and stitch with me! Transport yourself into a little slice of Santa Fe, New Mexico and bring this adobe home to life – one stitch at a time.

Camelback Outline – Coming Soon

Something simple and sweet.

Retro Sunset – Coming Soon

Pull out your favorite array of shades to create your own retro sunset!

Bridal Bouquet – Coming Soon

Something pretty and delicate – a bouquet that will never wilt.

Sunday Mornings Shop + Blog has been everything I ever needed and more to feel at peace – while everything in my daily life continues to be chaotic. A little break to relax and create something beautiful.

Crystal Peralta-Martinez

Let’s make something beautiful together.