Experiencing Wine Country as a Minor

Hey there! Last weekend, my parents took Aaron on a [VERY] belated trip to Southern Arizona’s Wine Country for his 21st birthday, but being their D.D. wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds; we all had a really good time! It all began Friday night when we got lost trying to locate the B&B weContinue reading “Experiencing Wine Country as a Minor”

The Misadventures of Our Backpacking Trip

Last weekend Aaron and I went on a much needed getaway! We decided to take a weekend trip up to the Payson, Arizona area for a backpacking trip. It was absolutely beautiful up there!  It started off as a bit overwhelming when we realized we would be taking my dog with us. We knew atContinue reading “The Misadventures of Our Backpacking Trip”

Must See Sights: Barcelona

Good Morning loves! I hope you all have had an amazing week and are taking this time to relax and enjoy your weekend. This week I though it would be fun to write a travel tips post, Barcelona edition! I have absolutely fallen in love with Spain since arriving in Madrid but I am completelyContinue reading “Must See Sights: Barcelona”

15 Things to do on Summer Vacation

Hey Guys! It’s now summer break and everyone is looking for something fun to do. Some of us may be working or interning all summer but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to enjoy our summer break! If you aren’t lucky enough to be spending your whole summer vacation [ACTUALLY] vacationing but you still wantContinue reading “15 Things to do on Summer Vacation”

What are your Summer plans?

What should one expect prior to an international departure [aside from stress]? The long line at security is surely freaking me out already and making me want to arrive several hours early to my flight. Amazingly enough, I got the opportunity to study abroad this Summer! As a landscape architecture student it is important toContinue reading “What are your Summer plans?”

Puerto Peñasco

Hey there, For those of you who don’t already know, I spent last weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico, and I had an absolute blast! It was a great way to escape the end of semester stress. Anyway, this seemingly spontaneous trip to Rocky Point, wasn’t actually spontaneous at all.. It was a family trip thatContinue reading “Puerto Peñasco”

Welcome Loves!

Hello lovelies and welcome to our lifestyle blog, Meet Crystal and Delaney, we’re just two girls trying to survive life at ASU. We first met in high school but didn’t really become good friends until college. We recently decided to take on a new venture together: BLOGGING! This is a new and exciting experience forContinue reading “Welcome Loves!”