Our Take on DIY Shiplap

Good morning Loves! This past weekend I gave DIY Shiplap a shot after scrolling through several tutorials on Pinterest and finally having a full free weekend to myself – score! SO to start, I made a Home Depot run with my nieces [I needed some company while I figuratively hammered away] to choose plywood and venturedContinue reading “Our Take on DIY Shiplap”

Night out in ‘Playa’

After spending all the day cooped up at the resort, we opted to explore the town of Playa del Carmen for an evening out. If it is your first time in Playa expect a jovial, noisy town, with shops and restaurants open late to host those strolling out of the clubs or couples like usContinue reading “Night out in ‘Playa’”

Extreme Package- Cancun, Mexico

The Extreme part of the guided tour included riding All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) through the jungle, zip-lining, and cenote diving!  The group that opted for the ‘extreme’ part of the tour, was different than our original Tulum group; we met with two other groups for a total of 10 of us. The drive into theContinue reading “Extreme Package- Cancun, Mexico”


Good Afternoon you beautiful people, and happy 2017! If you’re anything like me, you love colored gel pens and sticky notes, graphic stickers, the sleek pages of a new planner – and avoiding the organization process itself. Let’s try to fix that! It’s a new year, so how about truly creating the NEW YOU toContinue reading “Let’s get ORGANIZED”

So you want to be a Design Student?

Have you ever wondered why they call the Architecture program “Architorture”? Well, let me show you what I had to whip up in the last few days for our studio final for Landscape Architecture.   Oh you know, just a simple 40×40 acre Master Plan Community.A section of 360 acres to showcase the context surroundingContinue reading “So you want to be a Design Student?”

Thankful for Freebies!

This holiday season, we’ve decided it’s time for some freebies to celebrate the Grand Opening of **Drumroll** Our Etsy shop! A few listings have made their way up, most of which have been shown in previous posts – take a look here ! With the Holiday break quickly approaching, we’d love to extend a hand and helpContinue reading “Thankful for Freebies!”

Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat

This event took about a month to plan, and roughly two to coordinate all of the fine details for decor. Being an avid craftaholic came in handy in order to execute an event – perfect for the photo opportunities! From embossing chalkboard signs for the photo booth, to learning a new skill in acrylic signContinue reading “Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat”

It’s a Fiesta!

If you’ve never visited the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico – you should add it to your travel list! Eric and I flew into Albuquerque at about Midnight this Friday and went straight to bed – with a wake up call 4 hours later! This trip came at just the right time with schoolContinue reading “It’s a Fiesta!”

My Strange Addiction: Embroidery

Good morning Loves! So it’s no surprise that my newest hobby has become an addiction – but the outcome is SO cool that I can’t stop! So here’s the newest addition to my Sonoran Desert collection: Similar to my Waves embroidery piece, this work has more detail but allowed me to test out new textureContinue reading “My Strange Addiction: Embroidery”