Won’t you be Mine? Happy Galentines Day

A day of love and laughter has filled our calendar once again, only this time we are taking on the challenge to love ourselves too! I’m a firm believer in what we invest in others should be doubled and invested in ourselves – so why not treat yourself with some ‘me’ time? Be my galentine and treat yourself to a sweet freebie this week to take on a new skill that provides a few hours of relaxation and focus: embroidery.

indulge yourself with a glass bottle of wine.

Freebie Friday

Are you ready to take on a new hobby (or just give it a shot, I swear it’s the cure to those anxious episodes). Join me on this Hallmark holiday by taking advantage of a sweet freebie and indulge yourself with a glass bottle of wine. Join me in a night of stitching, simply download the PDF below ❤️

This free Embroidery Template is formatted for a 6″ embroidery hoop and can be adjusted however you’d like! Pick some of your favorite colors and go nuts – but be sure to show me your final piece, I’d love to see more bouquets.

If you’d like to follow the template directly and have a list of thread colors and instructions, you can purchase the full Embroidery Template via my Etsy store.

As much of a little grandma I am inside, this sweetie bouquet is probably the most vibrant piece I’ve made yet – slowly but surely i’m reversing my age in stitches!

To see more of my embroidery work you can follow me on Instagram and browse a variety of projects! If you’d prefer to peruse via the blog, check out the Embroidery tab – you won’t regret it 🙂

Published by Crystal Diane

Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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