Wedding Planning: The Flower Budget

Are you browsing Pinterest to create your perfect wedding day? Browsing Instagram to save all of the gorgeous floral arrangements? Well – so am I! That’s why I have decided to create a Wedding Planning Series to document my process and provide tips and tricks that I’ve used (or wished I had used) during my own wedding planning process!

Now when it comes to flowers, my head almost explodes – almost. Not because its a headache, but because there are SO MANY options! So many colors! So many styles! And really… All of those things make a big difference when getting a quote from florists versus going the DIY route with faux florals or purchasing wholesale. Much like every other bit of wedding planning, theres a giant price tag above flowers – almost one of the the largest price tags actually.

ce38bdb776816799613f6c79ee694a00So what’s your budget? Is it in the thousands? How about the hundred? Don’t really have one?

Want to lower that budget and set aside a few hours to assemble centerpieces with your bridal party? Read below to get the behind the scenes information wether you decide to go with a florist or completely DIY every bit of your flowers!

How Many Flowers Do I Need?

Honestly, I didn’t really take flowers into consideration when we first set up our budget. I mean, I knew centerpieces would be involved but I didn’t totally think how many of those centerpieces would be needed. Or the bouquets. Or boutonnières.. I really only thought about the bridal party and went on with the budget.

So I have put together a little cheat sheet for you (you’re welcome)

  1. Bouquets
    1. Bridal Bouquet
    2. Toss Bouquet
    3. Bridesmaid Bouquets
    4. Mother of the Bride/Groom Bouquets/Corsage
    5. Flower Girl crowns
  2. Boutonnières 
    1. Grooms Boutonnière
    2. Groomsman Boutonnières
    3. Ring Bearer Boutonnière 
  3. Centerpieces
    1. Head Table (1 large or 2 medium sized)
    2. # of Tables (1 per round table, 2-3 per farm table)
    3. Cocktail Tables
  4. Ceremony Aisle
    1. Aisle Markers (For seats along the aisle)
    2. Arch Flowers

And hey – if you really want to go all out, you could add onto this list! But that adds to the price (so make sure its in your budget first)

Florist or DIY?

After meeting with florists and seeing the various quotes I was immediately in shock – from the price and the astonishment that THAT was the price of flowers? As a small business owner myself, I completely understand what ones time is worth, and I truly believe all of these gorgeous florists were worth that. It just wasn’t in the budget. To give you an example of the average cost from a florist for  bridal bouquet, you can have a florist make it for $250-350 OR if you were to purchase the flowers yourself and assemble it… It would be abo802803f8731f7c5c7fa5e485826ae08dut $30.

Yeah. It’s that drastic of a change. Now don’t get me wrong, the price truly depends on what type of flowers you are using or envisioning as well as how large of a piece you plan on creating. A 6″ round centerpiece price is far less than these Arch centerpieces to the left – so bear that in mind when deciding what to do within your flower budget. That drastic difference definitely made me jump the boat and decide to DIY it all. Because a) You get the exact thing you want and bring it to life yourself, b) Its an excuse to get your bridal party together and enjoy some wine while creating masterpieces, c) You get to appreciate the fruit of your labor on the most exciting day of your newly married life – and that is worth the time, and saving the money!

Where Do I Get Flowers?

I’ve learned that there’s an abundance of options out there! So here are a few of my favorite that I have found so far.

  • Locating a florist will depend on your location, I recommend using websites such as The Knot or Wedding Wire
  • Do you want the pre-arranged bouquets with the florist look but the DIY price? Check out Something Borrowed Blooms
  • Read to DIY and purchase wholesale flowers? Check out your local wholesale flower shop or Flower Moxie! I myself have decided to use Bouqs as they offer pre-assembled options as well as wholesale options to create your own look!

So in the end – it truly comes down to the budget (and if you trust yourself and your bridal party to DIY the flowers). In my case – I totally think it is worth saving a few hundred to a thousand dollars to set aside for a home downpayment and set aside a few hours the day before the wedding to design bouquets with my favorite gals!

As always, let me know what you think below and follow along on Instagram @SundayMorningsBloggersname-plate

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One thought on “Wedding Planning: The Flower Budget

  1. Hi ur blog is just awesome no body count on it but the flowers are the things which goes out of buget and some times we just dont get it like which flower should we have i like the cheat sheet which u have put in it.. Great job hope to see ur more blogs in future , Good job


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