Wedding Planning: Finding The Dress

Good Morning Loves and welcome to the third installment of the Wedding Planning series! Now that you have [assumedly] read the first tow pieces about what to do first when beginning the planning process as well as how to tackle those DIY Pinterest worthy accents, we are now moving into the first EXTRA BIG deal… THE DRESS!  Now I won’t lie to you – this process will not be the same for everyone. Some of you may find your dream dress on the first try whereas others [like myself] have far too many likes and can’t quite decide on one – so we get two. Hey, it’s your big day, do whatever makes you happy!

So here we go!

Do your research

Give yourself some time to begin compiling a list of boutiques or shops you are interested in visiting. Once you have your potential shops, take a look at your allotted budget and review which of those shops meet that requirement. Your “dream” boutique may actually be far out of your price range [and it would be heart wrenching to find a dress you love that is out of the budget] so I highly suggest you save yourself the heartache now rather than once you’ve attempted to slip extra funds from the wedding towards the dress.

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Be sure to look at the reviews rather than just the website or Instagram. Verify the customer service and quality of the shop prior to booking a consultation to save yourself the time of showing up to a shop where you will not be given the proper attention or help to find your dream dress. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of visiting a big name retailer with the hope of having plenty of options to choose from… that was far from what actually happened and I left knowing that I loved the dress I found but was not happy with giving my money to a shop who had no interest in the customer experience for such a monumental decision. But that was me – you could have a better experience and for that I have left out the name of the shop.

Know what you like

This is where Pinterest truly comes in handy because we all know it is the holy grail when it comes to dreaming up the ideal wedding! You may already have several dresses pinned that you adore – be sure to try on one dress in every style you think you like via photos to determine if you truly like it. Sometimes a dress you love on the screen may not give you the same *butterflies in the belly* feeling once it is on – and that is perfectly normal!

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Give yourself a chance to see what it looks like on and how it sits on your figure – if you are uncomfortable or uneasy, then you know it isn’t the dress you want. Sometimes the perfect dress will come when it is least expected which makes the experience all that much more exciting!

In my case, after visiting several boutiques and thinking I found the dress about 5 times I decided to give one last boutique a shot – just to look. I tried on several gowns that I thought I would love as much on myself as I did on the hanger and it just didn’t quite work… That’s when the ‘angel’ of a human at LUV Bridal in Downtown Phoenix had me try on a gown that she felt I may like.. One that I had walked past thinking wouldn’t quite be my taste. But guess what?

I loved it. It was the most perfect combination of all of the dresses I thought I would buy from the other boutiques! From the color, shape, layering – all of it combined in a way that I hadn’t seen when I passed by it. Sometimes, you just have to try it all and give things a chance to work themselves out.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’

You may have a large group of gals joining you to try on dresses – but keep in mind… this is YOUR day, and their opinions should not speak louder than your own. If you feel like a princess in something they don’t see fit for themselves – who cares? If you feel like a damn princess, then that should speak louder than any other opinion. If you feel uncomfortable or unhappy in a dress that they say looks amazing, don’t be afraid to say NO to that dress and try on another.

At the end of the day, YOU will be rocking that dress and experiencing the best night of your life in it. Your opinion of it matters most – allow their opinions to aid you in a way that confirms your own opinion of it.

IMG_3277.jpgPictured above is the first dress I honestly thought I would be saying yes to. It fit like a glove, it was in my budget, and it went perfectly with the theme and matched my ring – perfect! But I let the decision sit for a little [something I almost never do] and ultimately decided, it just wasn’t me. This dress spoke louder to those who were with my when I tried it on because it was more their taste. Although it was truly a gorgeous gown and made me feel like a princess, it wasn’t the dress for me. And that was perfectly okay!

As always, feel free to ask me questions by leaving a comment below! Follow me on instagram to continue to be updated with my life in general and to see when new blog posts will be up. Have an amazing Sunday, friends!


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