Wedding Planning with Pinterest Goals in Mind

Do you browse Pinterest in your spare time [or even your not so spare time] and plan out your dream wedding? Do you have a “secret” board stashed away with all of those ideas you LOVE but aren’t quite sure how to bring to life without planning out how many times you have to sell your clothes to Plato’s closet before you can make one piece come to life? Welcome to the club! We serve mimosas all day and craft all night [okay not really but that is definitely a club I would enjoy).

If you are looking to axe your Florist budget in [nearly] half – become a Michaels Rewards member and you’ll get daily coupons!

Now – let’s jump into the nitty gritty and oh so pretty of Pinterest Weddings!

Today I’ll go over my top two favorite DIY pieces that normally eat a giant chunk of the wedding budget: Floral and Invitations! You may not realize it yet, but once you start getting quotes for these pieces you’ll thank me for telling you it’s worth doing it yourself!

– Invitations –

DIY your own invitations with script font using just your printer [and a design program if available]. I ordered customized stamps from and a personalized return stamp from to complete our suite look (I’ll share photos once I get those all mailed!).

Have you been eyeing those wax seals you see all over Instagram and Pinterest like I had? Well guess what? You can do it cheap! You really just need a hot glue gun, wax, and a stamp. All of which you can get customized by the awesome Etsy sellers I’ve linked!

– Floral –

Pinterest Floral

Well – you can make it! If you are looking to axe your Florist budget in [nearly] half – become a Michaels Rewards member and you’ll get daily coupons! Plus they now launched Michaels Weddings which has everything you could possibly need to bring your Pinterest goals to life! Win win, I mean – you get to browse Michaels AND plan your wedding? With coupons? Score!

I have also come across this amazing Rental Florist that I am honestly considering to use for my wedding next year. Check them out and see if it matches your unique style: Something Borrowed Blooms, this is a Bridal bouquet from their Olivia Collection and it is way cheaper in comparison to the $360 Bridal Bouquet quotes I’ve gotten from local florists!

I am more than happy to share more details and ideas or answer any questions you have regarding wedding planning on a budget! Leave a comment below and I can address them in my next post!

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