Wedding Planning: What you need to know first

Welcome back for the second edition of Wedding Plan! These tips and tricks are aimed to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams – whether its happening in the next few months or years! Today’s post is meant to illustrate the first steps your should take in the planning process that will help outline the remaining tasks of your wedding plan.

Pick the Venue + Date

Once the storm settles and you get a break from the excitement, it’ll be time to sit down together and thing about what season you are both interested in getting married in – this greatly helps when determining where to host your big day!

Do you imagine a sunset ceremony? How about snowflakes drifting as you take your first kiss? How about a pink sunset as you’re surrounded by a multitude of rare blooms? Yeah – I chose the last one.Martinez Wedding Lookbook 1

Set the Tone

When I started the planning process, I didn’t quite read anywhere about setting a tone for your wedding but I definitely found it helpful to create a rhythm for the rest of the planning process. From the colors to the location – it seems right to complete the overall tone of the grand day with words of wisdom.Wedding Quote

Pick your Color Scheme

This seems like a daunting task – and it truly is! Finding the perfect blend of your favorite colors along with those of your fiancé  can turn into a messy task. This task alone has a few pieces that need to be considered before nailing it down and continuing on to select your flowers and linen pieces.Color Scheme

  • Be aware of your wedding season and location. This can help define what flowers will be available hence what colors will be accented in your bouquet, as well as what colors stand out at your venue. For example, if you are getting married outdoors, you want colors that either POP or are subtle enough to show a contrast against the background.

Create a Plan

Now normally – this is done later in the process but I love to plan ahead! This helps create the scene in your mind to understand the flow of the event and what may be missing in the planning process! It’s a rough timeline, but it will help gauge where your guests will move to during the switch from ceremony to reception, and so forth.

Timeline of Events

Thank you for reading – enjoy the rest of your Sunday loves!


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