A Desert Engagement

What can I say – dreams really do come true! After a crazy last year of college and the road to adulthood, a fun new adventure lies ahead. My dream wedding with my dream husband – it is coming to life! This man of mine has been my best friend for the last three [almost four] years and our journey has been nothing short of a wild-ride… in all the best ways!

Just after St. Patrick’s Day, Eric popped the question [which I will share more about in a later post] and I of course  said yes – which brings us to today! Earlier this week we took a drive to Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction, Arizona to snap these engagement photos right at Golden Hour. Arizona is known for its sunsets and I love my desert home, so what better way to capture this engagement than to seek the beauty in the desert that surrounds us.

Keep reading to see the magic that happened in the Desert!View More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagement

How did you two meet?

Funny story – one that I will not  be telling my future children I assure you… Eric and I met my Freshman year of college at a Frat party. We went to the same high school but he was a year ahead of me so we didn’t quite cross paths too often. I was involved in the Student Council and so were a few of his friends, so I had seen him around but we never interacted as I thought he was a jerk in high school… he still is, but I love him!

We finally “met” at this party and as the night continued, the party took a toll on my friends. The crazy night led to my friends staying in his room since he lived at the fraternity house so I offered to let him stay at my place – which was a bunk bed [on campus housing was an adventure itself]. He walked me back to my dorm a few times that night – to get my car, to get clothes for my friends, etc. and we eventually made it back to end the night. My main focus was to take care of my friends so as soon as they were settled, I was able to sleep! And that’s how the night went.

The next morning I drove him back to his home and I sent him a text later that week to thank him for helping out my friends that night. We tried to hangout a few times after that and it took a while before it finally worked for our schedules. I swore I didn’t like him, because he was in a fact, a “frat boy” – but here we are… he won me over!

A few dates and a few parties later, we basically lived together and figured we may as well become an official couple. Nearly four years later and we’re engaged – a wild ride!

View More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagement

View More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagement

View More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagementView More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagementView More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagement

Who is the magician behind the lens?

The most wonderful human! Robin K. Photography took time from her day off from a crazy work schedule to snap these shots for us out in the desert – which wasn’t the shortest drive for any of us. She is a total rockstar and I truly believe she is a magician behind the lens. Going above and beyond to get these shots is an understatement – heck, she even got a cactus stuck in her foot and kept snapping away! That is true dedication and it shows in these photos.

Eric and I aren’t the easiest to take photos of, as we both have a habit of forcing smiles.. But – Robin made us both feel so comfortable that we didn’t have to feel forced or staged one bit. We took these photos on a Monday afternoon right before sunset and she was able to get us all of the edited photos within 24 hours – I love her to pieces and highly recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for a fantastic photographer!

View More: http://robinkayphotography.pass.us/crystalericengagement

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I assure you all, I will keep you updated along this journey. Keep following along on Instagram and reading up on the blog as the adventure continues!XOXOged!

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