Peruvian Adventure!

This has been an adventure – to say the least! I was fortunate enough to travel to Peru this week with my college on a group trip. From Cusco to Machu Picchu, and off to Puerto Maldonado’s rainforest! We are currently flying to Puerto Maldonado where we will be staying at the Inkaterra Field Station – I’ll have to share that experience with you all later this week once I return home to The Valley of the Sun.

Check out this adorable baby alpaca? The little cutie I was holding was only a week old and the one next to me was two weeks old. I actually began to shed tears because I was THAT happy!
A bus tour ended with us visiting Sexy Woman hill – well, I don’t actually know the real name but that’s what the guide told us was the Americanized name. It’s hard to tell how large the doorway is – but it’s double my size!I bought a few gorgeous landscape art pieces by local artists and can’t wait to hang them!And look at these babies!!!!!

Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts 💕

Published by Crystal Diane

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