How to Escape Your Responsibilities: Mexico Edition 

Have you ever just needed a break? Either physical or mental – maybe both? Well that’s exactly what my friends and I needed, so what else is there to do to escape your real world adult responsibilities? Mexico. Mexico is how you properly escape, trust us on this one.

Now this isn’t  the first time I’ve written about Puerto Peñasco because I’m guilty of being a frequent visitor (for good reason). This past weekend my friend Gina decided it was a great weekend to escape and so we made it happen. Fast forward four short hours we made it to the beach with the boyfriend in tow. With a few drinks in hand and a towel on the sand, it was time to truly relax – so we did.

We thought we’d take advantage of the calm and quiet scene of the town before Spring Break season and booked a whale watching tour for $25 each – except we didn’t see any whales (oh 🐳). Hopefully there’ll be more sea action when we head back next weekend! The sunset cruise included fish tacos and margaritas – but they were definitely virgin. Gina can vouch for that one.

Eric and I go down to Rocky Point any chance we get so we have our basic routine down. Leave Tempe around 6, make it to Mexico in time for tacos al vapor for breakfast, grab squid to fish, lay on the beach for a few hours and end the night with caramelos at our favorite spot, Tacos Brisas. This time, we changed it up a bit and got a chance to enjoy the local night life at the Malecón.

If you’re ever in the area or just want to make the trip down to Puerto Peñasco, let me know as I’d love to help you plan!


Published by Crystal Diane

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