Cancun 2-day parks Pt. Two

Welcome back to round two! The second park we visited was Xplor an all inclusive adventure park. This park is perfect for couples and older kids, some of the activities are a little intense- zip lines require lots of walking and climbing steep steps, some of the underground water taverns are a 30min-45min swim from beginning to end.


The price per ticket is $120 USD which includes:

Day adventure: opens at 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. Local time.

  • 2 river circuits to paddle on Rafts (They have single and double rafts to choose from. We only had a chance to complete one, we were behind a large group, and it took us 45 min to get through the entire thing)
  • Two circuits with 14 Zip-lines. (This was a pretty amazing experience, you could see the coast and some of the other ‘sister’ parks from the tallest tower.)
  • Travel along 6.2 miles through two circuits with Amphibious Vehicles. (For this part, not sure if it was the vehicle that we got, but it never really picked up speed. If you are traveling with older kids or teens, this is a good activity for them to practice driving)
  • Swim along 430 yards in the Stalactite River. (Beautiful, there are milestones for anyone who would like to step off the river- it can get tiring)
  • Hammock Splash. (Didn’t get a chance to do this one, the line was quite large. This is a popular one for kids)
  • Spelunking. (Each entrance to a river will have you exploring caves, crossing small water falls, and tons of photo ops!)
  • Lunch buffet and unlimited beverages: coffee, hot chocolate and multi flavor water. We do not offer alcoholic beverages. (The buffet was okay, ton of options, but not as nice as Xcaret. We didn’t time it correctly, they were about to close when we finally made it, so our meal was a little rushed.)
  • Locker for two. (This was extremely convenient, the locker key goes in a handy wristlette. The lockers are located at the center of the park, which makes it easy to get to if you need to dry off, change clothes, or use the facilities. It was extremely clean, there’s also rest areas, showers, dressing rooms and bathrooms available.)
  • Equipment: Zip-lines: helmet and harness; Amphibious Vehicles: helmet and vehicle for two; Stalactite River Swim: helmet and life jacket; Rafts: helmet and paddles. (They thought of EVERYTHING)

*List taken directly from Xplor park website, my notes in italics.

What to pack:

  • Change of clothes
  • Water shoes
  • Towel
  • Swim Suit
  • Water resistant camera or phone holder

Final review –  3 out of 5 stars

Price & Value: You could do each activity once in less than four hours. The price is moderately high for the amount of activities available. Young children would not be able to participate in the majority of the adventures.

Crowds: It wasn’t busy during the week. They do a good job in letting guests know wait times for each activity.

Photography: Like in the other excursions and parks photos are available for purchase, including photo packages. I wish I would have taken more photos or video with my phone, but it was just too fun to take it all in and enjoy the views. Perhaps if we would have had a chance to repeat each activity, we’d have captured some clips too.

Below are the ones from our photo package.

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