Must Visit 2-Day Parks in Cancún : Part 1

You’ve seen the deals on Groupon or Living Social, how can you NOT take advantage of an all-inclusive + 3-5 night + flight package to Cancun for $500 (packages may vary)!?! If you already booked a similar trip, how do you pick what parks to visit to make the most of your experience?

This last trip I made it to two different parks, here’s my insight on the first!

Park No. 1 – Day 1

Xcaret is an ecological theme park and part of the ‘Experience Xcaret’ family of parks in Mexico. Though you won’t find a roller coster, this particular park sits on an archeological site, with ruins you can climb and explore… but it truly does go far beyond ‘sight seeing’, there’s an immersion of culture with the sounds, food, music, colors, views, with a show at the end of the park experience like you’ve never seen before. The performers will take you eras back in time and if you are a bit emotional, like me, perhaps you’ll shed a tear or two when you are moved by the beauty of it all.

Price: $99 at the door or $89 if purchased in advance + $27 for buffet lunch ( 12yr +). Children 4 and under are FREE & children 5-11 get 50% off adult ticket. There were a handful of kiosks at the Cancun (CUN) Airport with individuals selling packages or discounts for this and other parks, if I attended a timeshare presentation.

My ticket included the entrance and opted for the buffet lunch, which was absolutely worth it.  I haven’t heard any horror stories from people that went for the discounted tickets- if you have one, share with us below!

What to pack

  • Water shoes
  • Eco Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Waterproof phone case *highly recommended.
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Tip $ for buffet staff


  • Photo packages are pricey, but they have an incredibly convenient system. They have cameras strategically set up all around the park, for BEST photo-ops. All you have to do is raise your bracelet to the camera and smile, the cameral will scan your code and save the images until the end of the night. TIP- If you have a group with you remember to use the same bracelet so that all the images are under the same bracelet/account.

What to expect

As soon as you step onto the park, there were short lines, everyone I encountered was extremely helpful and spoke multiple languages. The grounds were impeccable, considering everyone is in and out of underground rivers, pools, beach, etc.

Your first stop has to be the locker room, which comes included with your ticket. Here you can change, put on your sunscreen, and leave behind anything you do not want to lug around through the park. I suggest you bring water shoes, extra pesos for tips, and your camera- you won’t need anything else.

My first stop was a cenote. The park provides a waterproof sack, where you can place valuables and anything you decided to bring along, but won’t be able to place in the water. You then get life jackets and randomly directed into an amazing underground adventure!

There were multiple times where I wish I would have brought my phone to take pictures of the 10 ft rock walls and the tunnels I had to swim through to get to the end of this experience. Though I couldn’t see, I knew I was close when I heard the ocean waves crashing against the rocks just feet from us. It was an incredible experience!

You then collect your items and move on to the next activity. I chose food! The buffet was well stocked with Mexican food from every part of the country- Tamales with corn husks and with banana leaves, carne asada (northern Mexico dish), cochinita pibil (southern Mexico dish), but if you don’t feel like exploring new cusine they also have pizza, pasta, and burgers if you want to play it safe.

After the buffet I went snorkeling, took a stroll by the sea turtles, checked out the sharks, explored the aquarium, right before the nightly show!

I won’t spoil the show by leaking more details, but make sure that you go back to your locker to pick up your personal items and change quickly so that you can grab a good seat.

See you on Day 2!

~ Esme

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