Night out in ‘Playa’

After spending all the day cooped up at the resort, we opted to explore the town of Playa del Carmen for an evening out. If it is your first time in Playa expect a jovial, noisy town, with shops and restaurants open late to host those strolling out of the clubs or couples like us out to try something new.

On our first visit to Playa we tried El Diez, an Argentinian grill in honor of soccer legend Diego Maradona. The late snack was excellent, sirloin steak, empanadas, and a pitcher or two of sangria, which was absolutely delicious & at a great price! This time around we were recommended a bar with Mexican cuisine, La No. 20.

The Cantina La No. 20 sits on the second floor of a beautiful plaza, overseeing tourists and locals alike, walking up and down Calle 12 & Quinta Avenida (5th Ave). The decor was chic and inviting, the bar had every liquor imaginable, and the food was excellent.


My favorite part of the meal was concocting my own ‘salsa fresca’, out of the dozens of chiles and spices provided in a cart driven by one of the house Chefs.

I opted for a ‘salsa roja’ with smoked ‘guajillo’ peppers, ground in a typical stone ‘molcajete’, which the Chef used to blend the aromatic ingredients together for our table side service. Our table, friends and self acclaimed foodies gave it two thumbs up!

To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to pick my top dish, so let me just tell you everything we ordered: Bone marrow tacos, chorizo beans, sopes de pollo, gorditas de chicharron, & guacamole con queso gratinado.

Hope you pay them a visit on your next trip to Playa del Carmen.

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