Extreme Package- Cancun, Mexico

The Extreme part of the guided tour included riding All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) through the jungle, zip-lining, and cenote diving!  The group that opted for the ‘extreme’ part of the tour, was different than our original Tulum group; we met with two other groups for a total of 10 of us.

moto-esme-img_7457The drive into the jungle took about 20 minutes. If you haven’t had the opportunity to drive an ATV, your hands tend to get sore after 10 minutes of gripping the handle bars.  Make sure you ease up on the gas lever to avoid tensing up!

Once we made it to base, we put our belongings in lockers. Disclaimer *Lockers required a $5 deposit unless we brought our own lock.

We geared up and took three zip lines down deeper into the jungle!

From there we were provided life vests and escorted to El Cenote Azul, an underground water hole, sacred to the Mayans. Before we were able to step into the holy waters, we had to sit inside a hut with burning incense for cleansing.

The water was freezing and we all jumped in to lessen the impact. With a flashlight in hand, we swam through the pristine waters of this subterranean pool. Through the rocky ceiling the roots of the massive holy trees above ground stole drinks from this sacred well, little fish zipped by our toes it was magical.

What to pack:

Towel, bathing suit, water shoes, bug spray, eco sunscreen, waterproof camera & cash.

Be prepared:

  • Once on the beach in Tulum, which was private, the facilities required a tip of 5 pesos unless you were a paying patron of the restaurant.
  • Our tour was supposed to end by 4pm, since we were the first to be picked up we were the last to be dropped off. Made it back to the resort at 6pm.
  • Bring a smaller bills for tips.
  • Photography is extra- $20 for all the photographs while we were zip-lining, ATV’s, & in the cenote. The digital files are then emailed within 24hrs. We received about 20-25 images.

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