If you’ve read my previous travel posts, you probably understand my love for day-trips. The simplicity in planning, the excitement and rush in the adventure, and the overall experience being calm throughout without any worries. With that said, I have now found a better day trip (for special occasions) from Florida – a day trip to the Bahamas!

So for those of you wondering how I’ve magically made it to the Bahamas from Phoenix, let me explain: After the holidays, Eric and I flew to Florida to spend time with my sister Perla for [HAPPY!!]New Years. While planning what to do with our time since we were able of enjoying the beautiful weather rather than being bundled up inside form the cold, we came across a ferry boat Groupon. This entailed a day trip ferry boat ride to Bimini, Bahamas for $60.

Now, unless you are already in Florida I wouldn’t suggest flying here JUST for the ferry ride to visit the Bahamas, but if you do come – it’s so worth it! Check out a few of the photos below in the slideshow. Unfortunately I did not take very many photos as my hands were occupied since we rented bikes to explore the island, but lets just say the crystal clear water and delicious conch salad says it all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday and wish you an amazing 2017! Plan out your year in review and reach those goals you have set for yourself, and make sure you don’t let anyone stand in your way!




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