So you want to be a Design Student?

Have you ever wondered why they call the Architecture program “Architorture”? Well, let me show you what I had to whip up in the last few days for our studio final for Landscape Architecture.


img_0006Oh you know, just a simple 40×40 acre Master Plan Community.village-core-master-plan0063A section of 360 acres to showcase the context surrounding the Village here we have some sections and perspectives of the imagined site. Simple stuff right?


For a full view of my final board, click here: studio-5th-sem-final

But here’s the crazy part about it all – it was assigned three weeks ago, alongside four other class finals… and this one alone consisted of a 2’x6′ board, a final booklet, and a presentation. In 3 weeks. With other classes to tackle. Why?!

So that’s been my life the past few weeks, alongside three jobs and a minor social life – no biggie.

Pray for me,



Published by Crystal Diane

Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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