Event Prep: Sisterhood Retreat


This event took about a month to plan, and roughly two to coordinate all of the fine details for decor. Being an avid craftaholic came in handy in order to execute an event – perfect for the photo opportunities!

From embossing chalkboard signs for the photo booth, to learning a new skill in acrylic sign making – no detail was left untouched and the decor was set for a full day of sisterhood at The Farm.

Venue: The Farm at South Mountain

The Attendees: The women of Alpha Gamma Delta – Delta Xi Chapter

The family and our handmade name tags!

The name tags for all 200 women were laser cut acorns with AGD cut out from the top – each name was written [by the amazing Eric] and embossed, then a pin was glued to the back to make it easier to attach to the ladies’ shirts! The file to cut out each name tag took roughly 20 minutes to make, whereas the cutting process took nearly two hours – but overall it was worth it. If you’d like access to the acorn file, write us and I’d be more than happy to send it!

My next favorite craft had to be our Purpose, which I wrote in white chalk ink on Acrylic, then painted the back in rose gold to have the words stand out against the color.

The night prior to the event, Eric and I were able to finish up all of the name tags and drop off the day’s decor and supplies around 8pm – leaving me plenty of time to relax and rest prior to the 5 am wake up call to begin decorating the venue! After a [much needed] coffee run, the Sisterhood Committee made it to the venue at 6:30 in order to have the event set for ladies to being arriving at 8:15.

With a few hiccups along the road, we were all able to enjoy three amazing meals, a personalized activity to work on goals led by my older sister, and take part in a sisterhood at an amazing venue that catered to our every need!

I still have a trunk full of centerpieces – if anyone is looking for 17 rose gold mason jars filled with white and pastel flowers, I have them!

As always, have a fabulous Sunday – enjoy the rest of your weekend and take some time to unwind!


Published by Crystal Diane

Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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