It’s a Fiesta!

If you’ve never visited the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico – you should add it to your travel list! Eric and I flew into Albuquerque at about Midnight this Friday and went straight to bed – with a wake up call 4 hours later! This trip came at just the right time with school being hectic and me being in desperate need of a getaway, so a major thank you to Eric’s family for the trip.

Balloons on the rise!

We arrived to the balloon fiesta at around 4:45am and patiently waited for the balloons to rise – which didn’t happen until about 9am. The winds continued to pick up throughout the morning which set us up for a long and uneasy morning.

We patiently awaited the green light [flag] for the balloons to have safe weather to rise and after almost 4 hours of waiting in the cold morning weather, the flag was changed to green! With about a 30 minute chance of success of rising balloons it was time to get the action started – so soon came the proposal.

Not only was this getaway needed, there was a reason behind the travel. With everyone prepared and in on the secret, we were able to help Ian (Eric’s future brother-in-law) propose to Kristin! With balloons in air, the perfect backdrop for a proposal – the time had come.


It’s been a good long while since my last post – forgive my schedule 😅 it’s also been a while since my last getaway, so I HAD to share it!


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