Happy Campers

Hey guys!!! * please bear with me as this is a pretty lengthy post, but I promise there are also lots of super cool pictures for you to check out 😉 *

It was Saturday July 30th, when Aaron and I headed for Durango, Colorado with Aaron’s dad and his friend. We were determined to go backpacking in the Rocky Mountains. When we finally arrived in Durango, we checked into our little shack of a hotel for the night and went out for a tasty “last supper” [before our strenuous hike ahead] at Steamworks.

Sunday morning we rushed to make it to the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train (a must do if you’re ever in Durango), we boarded with exactly one minute until departure! After taking in the mesmerizing views for a couple of hours, we hopped off the train at the Needleton Flag Stop. It began raining shortly after getting off of the train, so we spent the night along the Animas River (where I caught my first ever fish on a fly rod, say whaat?!)… I had no idea what I was in for the next day.

Monday morning we set out on the Chicago Basin Trail, a trail that would have us gaining 3000 feet of elevation in just 6 miles. The hike basically took us the whole day, so when we got to the top, we quickly set up camp with the bit of daylight we still had left. Of course, shortly after setting up, it began to rain again so we decided to call it a night.

Tuesday morning, we slept in a bit and when we finally got up we had breakfast and Aaron decided he wanted to fish, so we hiked down stream a bit but caught nothing… and again it started raining.. that led to Aaron and I sitting in our tent playing with cards.

Wednesday morning was the day we decided to hike back down the Chicago Basin Trail (good thing because we later found out that it hailed that night up there). Prior to leaving our camp, the mountain goats decided to pay us a visit (see below for a photo of the SUPER CUTE baby one!). Hiking down was much easier than going up, but that didnt exactly make it easy. We camped along the Animas River again that night buuuut it rained on us for EIGHT HOURS straight before we decided to just go to bed (needless to say it was an uneventful evening).

Thursday, we decided to pack out a day early since we were tired of being rained on. We caught the train back to Durango at 3:30ish and eventually made our way back to our shack of a hotel. We were so excited to have a real meal; on our way to dinner, we met a guy who had just finished hiking the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango!! (That made me feel like a wimp).

Friday morning, it was POURING rain until about 12:30 and then the day was eventually spent fishing in town, eating [a delicious] lunch at Derailed Pour House, and then more fishing at Lemon Lake. That night Aaron and I ate a gourmet meal of Pizza Rolls in our hotel room 😉

Saturday  morning, we loaded up the truck and drove back home. This felt like forever because there was an accident and I was so anxious to get home and sleep in my own bed! Plus, I had never been so sore in my entire life and sitting in the car was not helping!

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