DIY Embroidery Waves

Goooooood Morning Loves!

So I have recently fallen in love with embroidery art, more specifically – Sarah K Benning’s embroidery art. Look at her profile before reading any further, I’ll let you fall in love just as I did – I’ll give ya a few minutes 😉
Welcome back! Isn’t her work amazing? Well, considering I adore plants her pieces caught my attention immediately but as a college student I can’t afford the prices – so I opted to give it a shot myself! So here we go, a DIY Embroidery Art post! 

First step: Gather your troops {supplies}

So the first step: Supplies.

•Sewing circle 

•Fabric (I purchased a pack from Michael’s for about $7 which can make roughly 12 designs).

•Thread! (In any/every color your heart desires)

•Needle – this is crucial. Don’t forget the needle 😅


Draw out your design! It will help with organization and to see your piece come to life. I went with a few squiggles to represent waves or rolling hills.

Now you GO FOR IT! Just choose a color to fill a section and do straight pulls from top to bottom to fill it in. Give it a shot 😉

My first shot at embroidery art!
And voila! The final product has been completed! Now I have to find the perfect spot to hang it, and think of the next design to start sewing away.

I would love to see your version once completed, so feel free to share your photos as well!

As always – I hope you have a WONDERFUL Sunday and get all of the much deserved relaxing you desire.


Published by Crystal Diane

Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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