Quick Trip to Arizona’s Beach! 

Good morning and happy Sunday loves! I hope everyone’s week has ended on a positive note and you have all gotten the relaxation you deserve 😉 This weekend I was able to snag a few hours of great beach relaxation in Rocky Point! After two years of convincing, Eric and I finally convicted his parents to visit Rocky Point and we went on down as local tour guides to show them all of the must-see-must-eat spots!

This weekend called for a few margaritas and Piña coladas on the beach. After a full week of non-stop working I felt I deserved a few, and Erics mom became my margarita pal! 

We spent a majority of our time either on the beach, in the pool, or hanging by the bars – best ways to enjoy a full relaxing weekend. I may or may not have completely burnt my chest but hey – at least I’ll be a few shades darker soon! 

Our full day in Peñasco included stopping for tacos al vapor for breakfast, pollo Lucas for lunch, and enjoying live music at Banditos for dinner – live country music! The boys and I definitely enjoyed the music [as we tried to sing along to every song] and Aaron may have enjoyed it the most – as towards the end of the night he jumped on stage and grabbed a guitar to play with the band!

The sweet thing about being able to drive three hours South and cross the border is that the food is always delicious and very cheap. We were able to feed 5 adults tacos al vapor for $12 total, and had lunch at Pollo Lucas [which had the BEST grilled chicke I have EVER had] for $25 including sides and drinks – where in the US can you eat a delicious filling meal for that cheap?
As always, I hope your sheets are warm and coffee is sweet – nothing better than a few moment sod relaxation before you kick it into high gear for the work week!


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