Last Minute Trip to California

Good morning Loves!

So yesterday morning I had planned to take a trip to Sedona with a few gal pals – but plans changed and I went to Brawley, California with my sister to visit my grandparents instead. A few years ago, my grandfather had a stroke and both grandparents were moved to a nursing home in California, away from their home in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. They are relatively the same distance as they were before, but it’s been a bit more difficult to make our way to California to see them than it was to go to Mexico.

So, with keys in hand and a mission to take a small roadtrip, my sister and I made our way to Brawley. The roads were mostly desert and the radio was mostly static – so we switched over to Pandora and listened to a Bruno Mars station (happens to be one of my sisters favorite artists). Along with music, came snacks! Prior to leaving, my brother in law packed us a few snacks and we remembered we had a tote bag filled with them midway – so out came the sweets and the driving continued. 

Recently I have tried to convince Esmeralda (my sister) to download Snapchat, as my other two sisters have accounts. She didn’t quite understand the hype of it until I showed her the filters. You can see our favorite photo below 😊

Arizona throughout the Summer can reach over 100 degrees so it’s important to stay hydrated – with plenty of water. Here’s the gallon of water my brother in law [Jake] packed us. It proved to be difficult to take a sip without spilling on myself as we drove on bumpy roads, so I opted to use a Venti sized Starbucks straw to sip out of it!

My grandfather from my mothers side [Tata Armando] is still recovering from his stroke and is confined to a wheelchair, so while I pushed him around the facility he kept wanting to make pit stops in his friends rooms and see the nurses to introduce myself to them. This was very sweet!

Pictured above is his mother who lived to be 110 years old! My sisters and I took a trip to Magdalena, Mexico while I was in high school to visit her prior to her passing, and boy did 100 look good ❤️

Prior to making the drive home to Arizona (the Peralta’s are known to make day trips) we met up with our cousin and his family for dinner. I hadn’t seen them in well over 5 years and seeing the difference [in height especially] amazed me! We enjoyed a great Mexican meal with some of the best machaca I have ever tasted, and then – we were on our way back home.

One of my favorite parts of road trips is the scenery. Granted, most of my road trips has led to me staring at deserts – which I love! [Seeing how I’m studying landscape architecture, I think it makes sense]. It was my turn to drive on the way back home so I thought I was going to miss out on taking photos of the sunset over the dunes – but I was able to have my sister snag a few photos for me! 

So after 12 hours of travel, visit, and food time, we made it back to Avondale and accomplished our mission 😊 

As always, we hope your sheets are warm, your coffee is sweet, and your weekend is swell! Enjoy!


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