Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Good Morning Loves,

With the 4th of July, comes lots of fun festivities; so, what better way to kick off the holiday than sharing our plans with you?!


I will be spending a majority of my day in Prescott, AZ. The 4th of July is also Aaron’s grandma’s birthday so we decided to ditch the heat of phoenix for the day and spend some time with his grandma. Then, we will head back to the valley and join my sister at her house for some dinner and fireworks, YAY! What kind of 4th of July would it be without a firework show?!

Also, quick tip: make these festive, white chocolate covered strawberries for a last minute 4th of July snack! I made these cute strawberries last year for the 4th of July, and not only were they cute, festive, and yummy they were also very easy and quick to make. Plus, who doesn’t love some cool, refreshing fruit at their summer barbeque?!

White chocolate covered, blue sprinkle dipped strawberries

How will you guys be spending your fourth of July? Feel free to comment below 🙂 We look forward to reading all about your guys’ plans!



So I opted to beat the heat and head on down to Puerto Peñasco Saturday morning to get some beach time in. Aside from the beach, I really craved authentic Mexican street food so I was eager to come on down and indulge in tacos. My favorite thing to eat while here are tacos a vapor, which are only sold in the early morning – so that’s where I’m heading on our way out of town this morning!

 Plans are still up in the air but personally, I’d love to spend the fourth baking up some cookies and hanging out with my family and ending the night with fireworks. A few years ago, my oldest sister found the perfect spot to view all of the fireworks that are set off into the sky all over the Valley – and it’s in her neighborhood [major score]. If I get the ingredients in time, I want to make some cheesecake bites and almond coconut cookies – post to follow if all goes well 😉D and C signature

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