Dusseldorf to Amsterdam[n]

Have I mentioned that I am absolutely bewildered and in love with Europe?! If not – now I’m saying it! This past week I visited Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, and Rotterdam. And within each city I ventured a tad deeper.

From late night walks and trying to find my way home from the train, to walking into whatever building looks intriguing, and most importantly – distinguishing the difference between a coffeehouse and a coffee shop [HUGE difference**]. My favorite experience this past week had to be walking home from the Centraal Station. The electricity for the city tram line went out and required a few of us to walk home to our hotel, giving me a chance to explore the city rather than see the buildings pass by as we drove home.

Within the last 7 days I visited the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. Today we arrived in Paris and boy was that an adventure of itself. The Euro tour for soccer us well underway and the traffic within the city surely shows how large of an audience the games have attracted. When imagining Paris I originally pictured glitz and glam, but entering the city truly took me by surprise! It seems as though there are NO rules when it comes to driving, which put me on the edge of my seat [literally] from all of the anxiety and frustration the other drivers were giving me.


Pommes Frites from the market in Rotterdam
Giant Baby impersonation


I also found a new love of slides – painful but worth it! It seems like Germany and Switzerland were out to get me by having such cool slides with magnificent twists and turns. Too bad my elbow is a tad scratched up from it. Thinking about writing my final paper for this study abroad course on the magnificent slides I encountered these past three weeks – think my professor would approve?

One week left and then I’ll be back home in the states! So excited for the rest of my journey and ready to get home and see my family and friends. As always, enjoy the rest of your week!


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Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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