From Switzerland with Love! And chocolate

Good morning from Zurich, Switzerland! The land of amazing milk chocolate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air all around! The past week I have been taking part in a second study abroad program which also focuses on cities and landscapes, only this time we are visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Below are a few photos from one of my favorite travels so far!
These two are of the Swiss Alps – Absolutely stunning and quite a hike. If you are ever here and would like to reach the top of the summit, I highly recommend taking a table car [weaklings like me still have aching legs from the hike]. Needless to say, the view kept me going!

We also visited Trummelbach Falls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is also known as the valley of 72 waterfalls – and rightly so considering a new waterfall can be spotted in each direction! We took a cable car to the second highest village in the Alps and walked around until we found a shaded spot in someone’s garden just to acknowledge the view for a good hour. From there, we began our hike down mountain and towards our car. The hike down from the second village took about an hour, mostly because we kept encountering wildlife and the steep curves took a toll on us.

Yesterday, we visited Enea Tree Museum and there happened to be a Audi photoshoot occurring when we arrives [truly an experience of itself]. The museum also serves as the main office for the Enea Landscape Architecture firm was a great opportunity for me to explore since that is what I am studying in school. Photos are attached below!

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As always, I hope you all have a great day and have enjoyed this brief update! Feel free to check out our Instagram to see daily snippets of travel and receive updates of new posts. Happy Thursday 💕


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