Ciao Venezia!

After a slight mishap on the drive to Venice from La Spezia, we made it to the ferry to take us to Lido. By mishap, I mean a slight car accident – and by slight I mean we had to exchange our rental for a new one because the transmission blew. Thankfully, no one was hurt! My knees are a tad bruised from the incident but hey, it adds character right?

Slightly crushed, but no longer driveable

Upon arriving to Venice I was truly taken aback by the structure of the city. Narrow waterways and hundreds of bridges, gondolas galore and history in near every pocket of the city. My study abroad group stayed on Lido which is only about 10 minutes away from Venice by boat – which by the way, is a highly efficient form of transportation for Venice considering everything is separated into its own islands. The only downside with that is if you’re one to easily be affected by motion sickness, Venice may not be the best location to visit.

Venezia from above

After a day or so of exploring Venice and embracing the local life, I took a day trip to explore Burano and Murano. Burano and most known for their iconic colored town, it’s vibrant buildings lining the water. Murano is known for their glass blown art and from walking through the town it was evident that this craft was well worth the money. I was able to find a glass blown horse for my niece who happens to love horses and figured it would be the perfect addition to her collection! Before my time in Venice came to an end, I made sure I rode in a gondola and sat in
Piazza San Marco while listening to live music (by far the most beautiful thing I have ever heard) at a swanky little cafe right outside the Basilica.

Burano, Italy
Burano, Italy
The horse I bought!

Must see spots and fun things to do!

  • Piazza San Marco (Basilica especially!)
  • Gondola ride
  • Ferry boat to Lido
  • Day trip to Murano, Burano, and Torcello
  • Street pizza!
  • Tre Mercanti bakery
  • Venezia Bienniale (depending when you visit)

While strolling through the city I walked past a small bakery where fresh tiramisu was being made so I had to try some. Conveniently, the Venezia Bienniale was taking place during my visit which is a giant architectural convention. Considering I’m a design student I felt it was beneficial to visit the exposition and boy – it was so worth it! That experience alone reassured my decision to study architecture for my Masters degree 😍

Fresh made Tiramisu

My study abroad course in
Mediterranean Europe has come to an end, but my second course begins tomorrow in Munich!I arrived in Munich mid afternoon yesterday and ventured off to the Haufbrauhaus (a brewery in the older part of Munich that is over 300 years old!) which was an experience of its own. Upon entering you’re greeted by several hundred people seated community style with liters of beer in their hands, there’s chanting and singing, a live performance, and a whole lot of stress if you’re like me and can’t handle too much noise at once. But of course, once you’ve taken a bite of your meal all of that goes away and you’re in food heaven!

I hope you have all enjoyed updates so far – I’ll be posting food recommendations and reviews very soon so keep an eye out. As always, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

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