The Misadventures of Our Backpacking Trip

Last weekend Aaron and I went on a much needed getaway! We decided to take a weekend trip up to the Payson, Arizona area for a backpacking trip. It was absolutely beautiful up there!  It started off as a bit overwhelming when we realized we would be taking my dog with us. We knew at that moment the trip would be quite the experience. We arrived at the trailhead at about 5:30pm on Friday afternoon, the trip was off to a great start! We hiked in to what would be our first camp spot of the trip. Once we got there, we squeezed some fishing in and then we filtered some fresh spring water from the creek, YUM!. Afterwards we cooked dinner and sat by our little fire. Bedtime came quickly, we headed into the tent to get some shut-eye, that was when the trip took an unfortunate turn. Although I was exhausted (from working, attending spin class, and then backpacking all in one day!), I could not sleep. In the middle of the night I began to feel a little sick but thought I could tough it out the rest of the weekend. When I woke up, I realized I was [ENTIRELY] wrong! Sadly, the trip had to be cut short as I was positive this was the worst fever I had EVER experienced! Overall, the trip was still a lot of fun and we were both glad to just get out of town for the night!

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