And so the journey began..

On an amazing roller coaster ride through  life! My travels have been nothing short of an adventure and I am truly enjoying every second of my time abroad. I am not one who normally speaks on behalf of what I love but this trip has already opened my eyes to so much and I am eager to continue through my program and visit the remaining sites. Three days down, over 40 more to go!

Since last weeks update I have seen a handful of cities, and traveled from France to Spain. My Study Abroad course began this Monday and since then I have been non-stop exploring (with naps included) the cities I am staying in. Currently, we are in Madrid and heading to Barcelona tomorrow morning to continue on our tour of Mediterranean cities. Who knew school could be THIS fun?

Bordeaux, France

I took the local metro bus into the heart of Bordeaux and decided to wander around until I saw all that my eyes were attracted to – which happened to be a lot! At first I stopped in a patisserie for a quick breakfast and stuffed my leftover croqúe monsieúr in my purse before heading out to see more of the city. I decided to head towards the water and follow paths that led to high church towers. If I saw it peak out behind a building, I walked in its direction. That path led me to beautiful sites and made me fall in love with the Place des Quincones fountain!

Madrid, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Photos from Barcelona and beyond to come next week! If you’d like to see more photos or have any requests on what you’d like to hear more about, feel free to comment below. If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram to get the latest updates of posts and travels! See you all soon.

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