15 Things to do on Summer Vacation

Hey Guys!

It’s now summer break and everyone is looking for something fun to do. Some of us may be working or interning all summer but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to enjoy our summer break! If you aren’t lucky enough to be spending your whole summer vacation [ACTUALLY] vacationing but you still want to have some fun (who doesn’t ?!), then we’ve got some ideas to help! We’ve compiled a list of 15 things to do on summer break, check it out:

Head to the beach: Some of us are closer to a beach than others, but it always makes for a fun escape.


Go for a road trip: Grab a friend or two and head to Sedona (or any place cooler than phoenix) for the day!

Visit a water park: Water parks are a fun way to be outside but also stay cool!

Go to the mall: Everyone enjoys a day spent shopping with their BFF!

Go camping: Be adventurous! Head out for a camping trip in the mountains with a couple of friends.

Spend a day at the lake: Phoenix has a lot of lakes nearby and hanging out at one of them is always a good time (especially if you have a friend with a boat!).


Go tubing: because when have you ever been bored while Salt River Tubing?

Try a new recipe: We’re all guilty of pinning all kinds of recipes that we’re “going to try” on Pinterest but then we never actually do them.. Try one of them out!

Have a picnic: Here in Phoenix, it’s a little hot for an afternoon picnic, but you could always invite your friends to a BRUNCH picnic!

See a movie: There are always new movies coming out, pick one to go watch in the theater.

Craft: open up your Pinterest app, go to your profile, choose one of the [millions] of crafts you’ve pinned, and make one of them!

Go for a hike: There is an abundance of places to hike in Arizona! Pick a trail and give it a shot!


Check out a museum: museums are always interesting, PLUS they’re indoors!

Host a sleepover/girl’s night: Gather some snacks and movies and invite some friends over, or you could get some ingredients to make facials and have a spa day with them.

Learn a new skill: summer break is a good time to pick up a new hobby! Learn to sew, play an instrument, or even learn to golf.


Published by Crystal Diane

Landscape embroidery artist + Landscape Architect

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