So what do you pack?

First, take a deep breath. Your suitcase will get packed, you will get the chance to squeeze every last necessity in there, and you will NOT [fingers crossed] forget your favorite top! Prior to packing, I found this handy travel list to go off of – granted I am only traveling with a carry on so most of the goodies on that list did not end up in my suitcase.


The important stuff (in my mind)


Here is what I chose as most important to pack in my personal bag aside from my carry-on.

The Necessities [in your personal bag]:

  • PASSPORT! (Double check it is valid 6 months after your trip)
  • Sunnies
  • Camera
  • Sketch book
  • Pens/pencils to write with
  • Tablet/Ipad (With copies of all legal documents and maps for cities you’re visiting)
  • Boarding Pass(es)
  • Legal ID’s (student and state)
  • Phone and chargers
  • Earphones
  • Converters
  • Snacks for the flight
  • Prescriptions
  • A change of clothes (In case your baggage is delayed)
  • Neck Pillow (This is the one I have, and I love it!)

The Important Stuff:

  • Pack for a week of outfits, and re-wear them to save space
    • Undies
    • Bras (T-shirt, strapless, and workout)
    • 5 tops/blouses
    • 2 dresses
    • 2 pairs of shorts
    • 1 pair of jeans
    • 3 pairs of socks
    • 1 rain jacket/windbreaker
    • 1 sweater
    • 1 flannel
    • 1 formal outfit
    • 1 “going out” outfit
  • Sandals, sneakers, and comfortable walking shoes
  • PJ’s
  • Workout clothes (depending on if you plan on utilizing the gym/going for an open air run)
  • Bathing Suit
  • Simple accessories
    • Everyday earrings (studs)
    • Scarf
    • Sun hat
  • Toiletries
    • Tooth brush
    • Tooth paste
    • Face wash
    • Makeup
    • Shampoo/Conditioner can [and should] be purchased upon arrival to save space
    • Razor
    • Hair ties
    • Comb/brush
    • Deodorant

The Leave Behind (or drag along):

  • Laptop
  • Your entire shoe collection
  • Full sized toiletries
  • Accessories

Granted, the packing list will vary per person depending on trip length, style, and interests! For me, I figured a carry-on travel bag would be ideal since I’ll be visiting a new city every three days and over packing wasn’t an option. I’ll also be abroad sketching for class so a sketchbook was necessary – it might not be added to your packing list but it was high up on my own!

Check back every week for Travel Thursday’s while I’m abroad – can’t wait to share my experience with you!



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